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Mom (Linda, 60) dx DLBC IVb 6/05
symptoms: extreme fatigue (duration 2mo),
    transient extreme bone pain in arms & legs (1mo)
    difficulty focusing, double vision, worsening (5+ days)
    hospitalized with extremely low RBC, WBC & platelets
dx=DLBC IVb extensive marrow involvement; nodes, liver & spleen enlarged;
bone scan highlighted abnormal uptake in both humerus (upper arm) bones,
    in 4 vertebra, & in the knees;
CNS symptoms & thickened dura so presumed CNS involvement
    (but not confirmed by pathology)

CHOPR x6 & intrathecal depocyte 6-9/05
remission achieved but very high risk of relapse (IPI=5) 10/05

SCT proposed but doctors & insurance company wouldn't work together
new dr suggests "bridge" CHOPR 12/05
raging shingles & gangrenous gallbladder 12/25/05
    hospitalized, gallbladder removed, IV acyclovir

pre-SCT scans reveal brain tumor, assumed NHL 1/6/06
dexamethasone & radiation therapy x13 1/06
scans show tumor & swelling reduced 2/2/06

pre-SCT testing continues 2/06
    cardiac function, pulmonary function
    CTs, body scan
    complete blood work-up
hospitalized for debilitating weakness 3/1/06
CT shows increased swelling in brain, steroid re-prescribed
hospitalized for debilitating weakness 3/14/06
CT shows swelling not abated with steroid
MRI & body CTs show no return of NHL in bones,
    substantial growth of brain tumor, 3/20/06
dr says treatments are not effective at this point, refers to hospice 3/22/06
caring for Mom at home until her death 4/9/06